Violence is the last Resort of the Incompetent!

Posted: December 21, 2010 in The Saga Continues...

Campbell must be proud!  In less than a decade, he has turned one of the finest places on earth into a third world Hell-hole, with drug gangs shooting each other on the streets and in the restaurants and clubs, the police have turned into jack-booted thugs that beat and tazer law abiding citizens while hiding from the real criminals, and taxes have destroyed the economy to the point that most people are living lives of quiet desperation.

It’s now reached the point that anyone willing to stand up and ask questions is liable to be attacked, either physically, as Laila Yuile found out on Friday night, or with the full might of innuendo, or threats of lawfare, as Alex Tsakumis is getting from Cristy Clark supporters.

Funnily enough, none of this is resonating with voters.  What IS starting to resonate, is that so many in Government, both Provincially, and in Local Government, are acting as if they are above the law.  From the ‘Sale’ of BC Rail, the trading off our roads and bridges for short term cash-flow, the sneaking around with shadow tolls, the firing of civil servants who dare to defend the law and due process, to using the Courts to break the will and resources of  anyone willing to stand up for what is right,  as  ‘Enemies of the State’.

Democracy is a flawed system that allows corrupt politicians to cater to the wants of the people at the expense of their needs, and to take from the industrious and give to the indolent.  Throughout the history of democracies, the checks and balances were maintained by Grand Juries having the power to investigate wherever they felt a need to, and could force corrupt politicians to face justice.  Grand Juries ended in Canada in 1984, and this has led to the situation we face today.


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