About Ian Vaughan

I was born in Mission a bit over 62 years ago, during the flood of ’48. I grew up in Egmont, on the Sunshine Coast, and spent most of my summers in Steelhead and Mission. I have lived in Maple Ridge for four years, in the lower mainland since 1990. I have been married to Sandra for 39 years, and we have four children, three girls and one boy, all grown and left the nest. I am a Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspector and fleet maintenance professional for a Delta Designated Inspection Facility.

My years of experience in the logging, mining, commercial fisheries, manufacturing and transportation industries gives me a good knowledge base to draw on. While on the Sunshine Coast, I was active in local politics, including serving two terms in local office as the Regional Director for Area “A” of the Sunshine Coast Regional District. During my terms I variously headed committees that included Finance, Planning, Public Works and Parks and Recreation. I also served terms as the SCRD’s appointee to Social Services, The Saint Mary’s Hospital Board and as local head of the Provincial Emergency Program Emergency Operations Committee.

My support for the Reform Party of BC started in 1991. I have never been a modern liberal, and have never supported or voted for Campbell.

I vividly remember the reign of Dave Barrett as a young husband and breadwinner. I remember the Harcourt, Clarke, Dosanj years as well, as a small business owner. I also vividly remember selling the small business at a large loss, and luckily finding work as a hazmat driver.

As a follower of Von Mises, Rothbard and Hayek, I cannot imagine any NDP government that wouldn’t destroy the last remaining hope for our economy, and end up removing what little personal freedoms we have left. Every time I hear an NDP candidate talk glowing of increased Funding for Translink and talk ecstatically about ‘Light Rail’ I get a mental image of the Train from the 1995 movie Doctor Zhivago.
After the botched sale of BC Rail, the Legislature raid, and seeing cronies being served with warrants I have grown appalled with the policies of the Campbell Government. The last straw for me was the Carbon tax, and that got me out of political retirement.


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