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Seems there is more to the flood story in Brisbane than meets the eye.

The Australian reports that a flood study in 1999 made alarming findings that major flooding could occur in areas built up since the 1974 floods, and made predictions that future flooding would be one to two meters higher than anticipated in the town’s plan.

It is alleged that the report was covered up by State and Local governments more interested in seeing development in low lying areas.


What’s Changed?

Posted: December 31, 2010 in The Saga Continues...

As we count down the end of 2010, we need to ask ourselves, what’s changed?  The BC Liberals are still pillaging us while the MSM provide cover.  The NDP are busy dragging defeat from the jaws of victory again……, the alarmists are still trying to convince us that AGW is happening, and that it justifies turning our democracy into a fascist dictatorship with them in charge.  So……..  on the surface, not much has changed………


Actually, much has changed.  2010 has been the year of awakening.  From a largely apathetic populace that has typically ignored politics and government between elections, less than a year after an election, comes a roar of protest!  We are mad as Hell, and we aren’t going to take it any more!

Those of us old enough to remember the days of Social Credit, are snickering to ourselves over good old Bill Vander Zalm’s resurrection as the champion of the people!  What many of us knew for years is surprising for many, but Bill IS one of the good guys, and does have the smarts to know when to stand up for principle.


While the HST is just the catalyst, it is an accumulation of corruption that is turning the tide.  As much as Campbell’s sycophants in the media have tried to hide it, the BC Rail mess is the story behind the story.  Starting there, the 3Ps, the Olympics spending, the Sea to Sky shadow tolls, (thanks to Laila!), the cracked cement on the Golden Ears Bridge, (just so Campbell could have it open early), the HST bait and switch, the Port Mann magic money shuffle, the MULT-MILLION DOLLAR CONSOLATION PRIZES  on the South Fraser Perimeter Road, (thanks to Laila again!), and the last straw, the ‘TWO WEEK TAX CUT!’ have our emotions going through  the gamut from anger all the way to disgust without passing GO or collecting $200.


What needs to happen?  First, we need to look at what’s standing right in front of us, ready to hit us over the head, the fact that letting politicians have unfettered power to do what they want, and to reward their friends at our expense has to stop!   If 2010 has been the year of awakening, 2011 has to be the year of the people defining the future of this Province, and electing a government that is going to put the people first, and do what government is meant to do, which is to meet the needs, (rather than the wants),  of the present and future populations as a whole, not just the handful that voted them in.


With the two major parties in such disarray, and not much chance of dragging their support up out of the low twenties in the polls, we are at a turning point. We need to band the disenchanted together as a cohesive force, create a platform to run on, and either create a party to run with, or drag an existing party to our viewpoint via a membership drive and policy convention. In our spare time, we can keep digging up facts until we can supply our existing politicians with orange jumpsuits.


Campbell must be proud!  In less than a decade, he has turned one of the finest places on earth into a third world Hell-hole, with drug gangs shooting each other on the streets and in the restaurants and clubs, the police have turned into jack-booted thugs that beat and tazer law abiding citizens while hiding from the real criminals, and taxes have destroyed the economy to the point that most people are living lives of quiet desperation.

It’s now reached the point that anyone willing to stand up and ask questions is liable to be attacked, either physically, as Laila Yuile found out on Friday night, or with the full might of innuendo, or threats of lawfare, as Alex Tsakumis is getting from Cristy Clark supporters.

Funnily enough, none of this is resonating with voters.  What IS starting to resonate, is that so many in Government, both Provincially, and in Local Government, are acting as if they are above the law.  From the ‘Sale’ of BC Rail, the trading off our roads and bridges for short term cash-flow, the sneaking around with shadow tolls, the firing of civil servants who dare to defend the law and due process, to using the Courts to break the will and resources of  anyone willing to stand up for what is right,  as  ‘Enemies of the State’.

Democracy is a flawed system that allows corrupt politicians to cater to the wants of the people at the expense of their needs, and to take from the industrious and give to the indolent.  Throughout the history of democracies, the checks and balances were maintained by Grand Juries having the power to investigate wherever they felt a need to, and could force corrupt politicians to face justice.  Grand Juries ended in Canada in 1984, and this has led to the situation we face today.

Government as a Cancer.

Posted: August 25, 2009 in The Saga Continues...

The real power behind the Crown has pushed Campbell to the point that he has had to draw back the curtain and show the people who is actually pulling his strings. It is obvious that Campbell and his government have sold their souls to the hedge funds in exchange for power.
As the world’s economy grinds to a rolling roadblock, the commitments Campbell made to the power brokers cannot be met without drastically increasing taxes, hence the

Horribly Stifling Tax.

Election 2009 is becoming the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Election.

Lorrie Goldstein, in the Winnipeg Sun

In British Columbia, where they’ve just kicked off a provincial election campaign, the opposition New Democrats are promising to scrap the ruling Liberals’ carbon tax and replace it with a cap-and-trade market to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight global warming.

Environmental groups like the David Suzuki Foundation have come out in favour of the Liberals and against the NDP.

To paraphrase Kate McMillan at, when Liberal B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and David Suzuki fight with NDP Leader Carole James over whether carbon taxes or cap-and-trade will save the planet, you’re supposed to pray for an asteroid, not pick a favourite.

Taxpayers should hide their wallets.

Recent news has the BC Liberals raising business taxes, and the BC NDP wanting to lower business taxes!

While these items appear odd, there is a simple explanation. Both the Liberals and the NDP have fallen into the trap of becoming populous, and having lost sight of their platforms and principles, and have nothing left but to play to the polls. As Trudeau found out, holding a finger up into the wind is a lot easier than actually coming up with principled solutions and demonstrating leadership, but won’t serve the needs of present and future populations.