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Campbell’s Malaise

Posted: May 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

After eight years, Campbell has developed the same malaise as that pack of baloney still sitting in the back of your fridge. It’s still baloney, but you try to ignore it, and you put the jar of mayonnaise and the dill pickles in front of it to hide it. The back of your mind says you have to get rid of it, and you will eventually.



Saturday, May 2nd, The Vancouver Sun Decision 2009 Brought us this Article,

Parties Failing to Connect With Voters, Poll Reveals

VANCOUVER — Leaders of British Columbia’s three major political parties have failed to connect with voters during the provincial election so far, a new Ipsos Reid poll has found.

Coming as the campaign approaches the halfway point, the poll finds that both New Democratic Party Leader Carole James and Liberal leader Gordon Campbell have turned off more voters than they’ve inspired.

In the poll, 37 per cent of voters said the campaign has so far lower their impression of James and the NDP, while 34 per cent said the same of Campbell and the Liberals.

Headed with an image of Campbell and Marc Dalton, the Liberal Candidate in Maple Ridge-Mission, the article goes on to quote from pollster Kyle Braid of Ipsos Reid-

“Clearly, none of them are resonating yet,” said Kyle Braid, vice president of Ipsos Reid.

“Whatever the campaigns have been talking about has not been something that has moved voters.”

You will find substantially similar stories in all the ‘Mainstream Media’, and all are desperately trying to confine the election to the three major parties. Conspicuously absent are the smaller parties and independents. Neither the Sun or the Province newspapers, plus Global or CTV television have mentioned any of the Reform BC candidates in stories, or especially in their supposed ‘comprehensive’ candidates databases.

This is in direct contradiction of the local papers, that still understand that their business is news, not attempting to sway public opinion.

Reform BC believes there is a better way for government to serve the people, and the more the Mainstream Media, Wikipedia, pollsters and pundits try to stick their fingers in their ears and go “Ya Ya Ya” the faster this prevarication will be noticed by the average voter.


Carole James has decided to target ‘renovictions‘ this time.

So, in one fell swoop, she’d stagnate housing quality, put renovators out of work, and increase the hardship in the forest industry. Add in that the assessed values of the buildings will go down, and tax revenues will fall as well.

Many renovations are to increase the energy efficiency of units, and there are Federal Grants available for some improvements. This really sounds like a win-win for adding misery to tenants!

Enough is Enough Redux….

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Voters are being inundated with emails from Enough is Enough, demanding action on crime. The site wants you to contact your candidates and demand action on crime. Interestingly, they have only a small handful of candidates listed, and as a candidate who is actually strong on crime and policing, I contacted them last week and asked to have my name added to the list. I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from them, but no name on the list.

I phoned their contact Kieth Roy this morning, to find that the organization has embraced the same thinking that is holding back the policing in B.C. This list isn’t going to be updated until they’ve completed an Excel spread sheet of all the candidates, and then update the site, possibly even before the election is over! This type of bureaucratic thinking is exactly what’s wrong with the governance of our Province and the local governments.

As I pointed out at the All Candidates meeting, using local or regional policing following the New York community Policing model or COMSTAT, CRIME COMMITTED TODAY GETS DEALT WITH TODAY, NOT NEXT MONTH AFTER THE STATS ARE IN.

Ian Vaughan