Enough is Enough Redux….

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Voters are being inundated with emails from Enough is Enough, demanding action on crime. The site wants you to contact your candidates and demand action on crime. Interestingly, they have only a small handful of candidates listed, and as a candidate who is actually strong on crime and policing, I contacted them last week and asked to have my name added to the list. I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from them, but no name on the list.

I phoned their contact Kieth Roy this morning, to find that the organization has embraced the same thinking that is holding back the policing in B.C. This list isn’t going to be updated until they’ve completed an Excel spread sheet of all the candidates, and then update the site, possibly even before the election is over! This type of bureaucratic thinking is exactly what’s wrong with the governance of our Province and the local governments.

As I pointed out at the All Candidates meeting, using local or regional policing following the New York community Policing model or COMSTAT, CRIME COMMITTED TODAY GETS DEALT WITH TODAY, NOT NEXT MONTH AFTER THE STATS ARE IN.

Ian Vaughan


Election 2009 is becoming the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Election.

Lorrie Goldstein, in the Winnipeg Sun

In British Columbia, where they’ve just kicked off a provincial election campaign, the opposition New Democrats are promising to scrap the ruling Liberals’ carbon tax and replace it with a cap-and-trade market to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight global warming.

Environmental groups like the David Suzuki Foundation have come out in favour of the Liberals and against the NDP.

To paraphrase Kate McMillan at smalldeadanimals.com, when Liberal B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and David Suzuki fight with NDP Leader Carole James over whether carbon taxes or cap-and-trade will save the planet, you’re supposed to pray for an asteroid, not pick a favourite.

Taxpayers should hide their wallets.

Recent news has the BC Liberals raising business taxes, and the BC NDP wanting to lower business taxes!

While these items appear odd, there is a simple explanation. Both the Liberals and the NDP have fallen into the trap of becoming populous, and having lost sight of their platforms and principles, and have nothing left but to play to the polls. As Trudeau found out, holding a finger up into the wind is a lot easier than actually coming up with principled solutions and demonstrating leadership, but won’t serve the needs of present and future populations.